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About the founder

Caroline established LOOK Organics in 2019 with the intention to reshape the way consumers consume products. After her realization of what’s really hiding in most conventional personal care products, and merging her love for all things beauty and wellness, LOOK Organics was born. 

 LOOK Organics wants to bring the power back to the people to make the best-informed decisions for their health and where their money is spent, which starts with awareness, education, and simply looking deeper into the way we live our lives. This includes the ingredients we consume and use on our skin. 

 All of our products are created with your wellness in mind. 


Magnesium + L-Theanine work synergistically together to: 

  • Aid in cellular regeneration and repair*
  • Support muscle function, bone and heart health*
  • Optimize Vitamin D status*
  • Improve energy production, mood and sleep*
  • Reduce stress levels and temporarily promotes relaxation*


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Take With Our Internal Support Bestsellers

  • $20.00
  • D3 + K2

  • Plant-based Protein Powder

  • Internal Support Set


We know that everything is connected.

Crafted with organic ingredients

for the body you can trust.


  • I use Look Organic’s protein powder every morning in my hot oatmeal and my wife uses it in her morning smoothie. It is the best flavour and consistency- no gritty texture which is huge! The flavour and natural sweetness of the vanilla bean has allowed me to use only it for my protein and sweetness. Previously, I use to add maple syrup to my oatmeal. I reduced the sugar from 50g to 2g in the same portion size and it added 20g of protein. That is huge to cut out that much sugar in my daily diet and get the protein benefit. Thank you Look Organics!


  • I have been taking this magnesium for a while and I absolutely love it. I am taking it while pregnant and I’ve noticed a huge change to my first pregnancy where I wasn’t. No leg cramps! Also I showed this to my naturopath and she said she loved the makeup of it and would be recommending it to others. 5/5!!


  • This supplement is so incredibly important to implement. It is good for bone & cardiovascular health among many other benefits.

    Highly recommend using this brand as it's very high quality!


  • Since I’ve started this Mag, I’ve had 3 of my clients also start it.

    I immediately noticed a difference in my sleep and mental relaxation.

    Won’t ever look back.

    Caitlin Christopherson

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