The proper way to layer skincare products

The proper way to layer skincare products

When it comes to creating a simple skincare routine, it is important to know the correct order of operations using your skin care products. That way you are getting the most benefit and use out of each product.
A simple way to remember layering products is after cleansing start with the thinnest viscosity product in your skincare regime and work your way to the thickest substance.
Ideally, serums and acids would be used before a layer of moisturizer.
We recommend starting with your favorite cleanser first, and do not forget to double cleanse if you are wearing makeup to remove everything properly!

If you use a toner or essence, apply this after cleansing. If you are using both toner and essence, apply the toner first and then use the essence.
Serums can consist of active ingredients for achieving your skin goals. There are many serums that have active acids in them to help with skin concerns such as discoloration, blemishes, dullness, fine lines, provide hydration, and repair texture.
We recommend not overdoing exfoliating acids or using active ingredients if you have a damaged skin barrier, as this can make skin issues worse.
Eye Cream
If you have a favorite eye cream you use or Look Organic’s eye cream Firm, use your eye cream after your serum before your moisturizer. 
Moisturizer is thicker in viscosity compared to serums therefore adding a moisturizer as the last step to lock in the serums or active ingredients is important! Also, for those with acne or acne-prone skin moisturizer is your BFF, we want to keep our skin hydrated.
Sunscreen (A.M. routine addition)

During the day, add your sunscreen as the last step in your routine. Getting daily sun exposure is important for the skin and foundational health. Add in sunscreen for prolonged periods of sun exposure is  beneficial for skin health. 

Remember everyone's skin is different, find what works best for your skin type. Oftentimes, less is more, and focusing on a healthy skin barrier is key. Nourish your ecosystem both internally and externally! 

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