Meet the founder, Caroline Candace Q&A

Meet the founder, Caroline Candace Q&A

What sparked your interest into creating LOOK Organics? 

I created LOOK Organics, because I wanted to change the way people look at their everyday products, their bodies, and the world. While I was studying holistic nutrition, I became fascinated with hormonal health, which inevitably led me to find out most products on the market are not tested for safety, and many are loaded with endocrine disruptors (which can mimic and interfere with the body's hormones and are linked with developmental, reproductive, brain, and immune issues). Not only do most people not look at the ingredients in their everyday products, and truly understand the effects of them - most people assume that they are safe.


Many people do not realize the amount of exposure to the environmental toxins one can be exposed to on a daily basis if we are not mindful. We are exposed to these substances by absorbing them through our skin, breathing them in, or ingesting them via their food and water sources. While it’s nearly impossible to remove all toxic chemicals from our lives, reducing our overall toxic load can have a positive impact on our health. 

My mission is to bring awareness, and create safe and effective products not only for the people but the planet. At the end of the day, we are all connected.

When I look at dis-ease (a lack of ease), a lot of it comes down to toxic load and deficiency. But to me, it's not just about a lack of nutrients and an overload of chemicals or harmful bacteria.

It's us, as a whole.

The majority of people are:

Sitting all day in front of a screen, overworking or scrolling social media and comparing themselves to others.
Not exposing themselves to light early + exposing themselves to artificial blue light at night in excess.
Missing the sunrise or walks in nature.
Not calling a friend or family member every day to catch up.
Suppressing their thoughts, feelings and past trauma. 
Not living a life authentic to them. 

Most people are:


Deficient in quality sleep.

Deficient in community.

Deficient in movement.

Deficient in their purpose.

Deficient in stress regulation.

Deficient in processing their emotions. 

Deficient in light exposure and vitamin D.


Food is important, but it's not everything. Supplements and topical products can help, but not when you're deficient in everything else.

I hope that my brand inspires people to question, and really start to look deeper into their everyday products, their bodies, and the world.

I recognize that health is multi-dimensional, and comprises the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body - which LOOK Organics focus is nourishment in all forms.

Making the world a better place seems like an almost impossible task, but we want to remind you – we are all consumers. The products you choose to spend money on and the companies you choose to support can truly impact the world. You are more than a dollar sign, you are a whole ecosystem

What is your ride or die LOOK Organics product you cannot live without? 


Either BIOACTIVE COMPLEX + RESTORE. I use both multiple times a day on my face and body.


What does your morning routine typically look like?


Everyday looks a little different, but this is what a morning typically looks like.
First things first, tongue scraping before anything.
Cuddle my husband and my dog.
Make my bed.
Drink a glass of water.
Go outside to get sunlight (I use a red light inside in the winter months) + sip my drink slow.
Do my morning skincare routine. Get movement in. Get into the work day.


What is your favorite beauty tool?

Gua sha combined with the nuface toning device - snatched.

How do you unwind?


My go-to's are getting outside in nature and simply spending time alone to recharge.

Current inspirations? 

I think it’s so important to feed your brain with different experiences consistently. 

Changing my environment keeps me inspired. 

I like to prioritize travel when I can, but I don’t think you need to travel to different states or countries to have new experiences. For me, sometimes it is just taking a  break from my normal routine, going to a new part of the city to get inspired.

For me, inspiration comes from learning new ways, new places, putting yourself in new situations and experiencing new things.

What type of diet do you follow?

I personally don't label the way I eat.

From experience, when it comes to labeling the way you eat, it almost always results in restriction, frustration, a lack of consistency, intense cravings, and a whole lot of added stress.

It’s also important to know that even if you are currently thriving on a specific diet right now, it doesn’t mean it’s going to always work for you.

If it stops working for you and you have to change it, there's usually a lot of guilt that comes with this if it was part of your identity.

The reality is, there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to health and nutrition.

Deciding what to eat and what not to eat should be based on what makes you feel your best. Just because something works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for the next. Our variability in responding to food is so individual. I think every one of us needs to find out what works best for us through our own trial and error.

I also think getting rid of labels can also help minimize food guilt – you don’t have to “cheat” on your diet when you’re not following a specific diet.

Everyone’s nutritional needs are so individual, and putting a certain label on your diet doesn’t make it better for you.


I believe in focusing on nourishment, rather than restriction. Focusing on adding more nutrients into your diet, rather than taking foods away.


Favorite thing to indulge in?


I have such a sweet tooth. Any kind of pastry with a fruit filling, I am very into.


Favorite wellness modality? 


Currently, infrared sauna. 


Advice you have received that has left an impact on you? 


Never stop learning.


What book comes to mind if someone asked you for a recommendation? 


101 essays that will change the way you think - Brianna West or Mindset - Carol Dweck


Something you are grateful for currently? 

I think it's easy to get caught up in the little things until you or someone close to you becomes ill or passes.

Life is truly a gift, and the reality is - it can all change in a second, and you or your loved ones could be gone tomorrow.

Among a few things, seeing one of my best friends (the same age as me) become terminally ill and paralyzed has changed the way I live life.

Even just writing that sentence makes me cry. 

There's such a deep connection between grief and gratitude.

For some reason as humans, we ignore the reality of death. To me, holding this reality close helps me have more gratitude in my everyday life and helps to keep my purpose clearer.

I'm trying to live every day like it could be my last. Life is too short not to.

I'm putting all of my love into the people and things that I love.

I'm wearing my favorite jewelry every day and only the clothes that make me feel good.

I'm making sure we have fresh flowers in the house, always. They give me good energy just looking at them.

I'm purposely making my life as beautiful as possible in my eyes because it makes me happy.

I'm working to help as many people as I can with the gifts that I have.

I'm not waiting around - and I am going for what I want.

I feel a lot of sadness and guilt some days just going on with life every day.

I'm still processing a lot of different emotions everyday.

I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful for my family and friends.

I have a great partner and marriage.

I have created a business that I love.

I have a lot of great things going for me right now in my life.

I sometimes feel bad that other people don’t have these things.

The thing is - I didn’t always have these things, and even when it comes to the things I do have right now, nothing in life is forever.

My greatest fear is losing my loved ones. And unfortunately, it's one of those inevitable things.

That's why I’m intentionally living in the now, leaning into love, making more beautiful memories, telling people I love them as much as I can, and doing more things every day that are meaningful to me.

I'm so grateful to have this human experience, and I'm choosing to actively make the best of it every day.


Top wellness tips anyone can start? 


I think the best advice I can give is to focus on creating habits that you actually enjoy.


Leading a healthier lifestyle is about creating healthier habits, not restrictions or an all-or-nothing approach. 


Once you create habits that are actually enjoyable for you (and your needs are being met), you won’t need motivation – it will just be part of your routine, and it will just be the way you are.

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