Ingredient Spotlight: Clarifying Shampoo + Deep Conditioner

Ingredient Spotlight: Clarifying Shampoo + Deep Conditioner

Our clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner are formulated with organic herbal extracts and oils to assist in removing excess oils, environmental pollution, and product build-up, while also repairing damage, strengthening, and restoring the elasticity of the hair.
Take a closer look at a few of the ingredients found in our shampoo and conditioner that we love to support hair health and growth:
  • Canadian wildcrafted red clover works to increase hair growth and helps soften and add volume to the hair.

  • Oatmeal protein promotes thicker, stronger hair growth.

  • Olive leaf assists hair regrowth from dormant hair follicles.

  • Organic burdock works to relieve scalp irritation and is composed of vitamin B6 which plays a role in protein metabolism and encourages hair growth.

  • Organic Chinese ginseng contains phytochemicals that have hair growth-promoting effects.

  • Organic horsetail contains minerals needed for hair growth, such as silica along with other natural antioxidants and phytochemicals properties.

  • Organic nettle helps to reduce dry itchy scalp symptoms and improves hair strength and hair growth.

  • Organic calendula stimulates hair follicles and supports a glossy shine. 

  • Organic rosemary relieves dandruff and a greasy scalp while supporting hair growth.

  • Organic white camellia alleviates hair loss by promoting hair cell growth and suppressing the effects of DHT and oxidative stress on the hair.


It's important to know that topical products can work to support the health of your hair, but if there are imbalances internally, topicals alone will not solve the problem. 
Hair growth can be impacted by various factors such as nutritional status, hormonal fluctuations, stress, and even the chemicals found in our water sources that we use to wash our hair.
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