Limiting "fragrance"

Limiting "fragrance"

If you take a closer look at your personal care products or cleaning products, you may notice many have "fragrance" or "parfum" listed as an ingredient on the label.
The term "fragrance" can be misleading because most of the time, "fragrance" is not just one ingredient.  The term "fragrance" is considered a trade secret, which means it can be made up of various unlisted ingredients. 
Fragrances can be found in: 
  • Air fresheners 
  • Candles
  • Wall plugins 
  • Laundry products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Perfume/Cologne 
  • Household products
  • Personal care products
  • Children’s products 
Synthetic fragrances are constituents of phthalates, parabens, and other chemicals, which are known to disrupt our endocrine, immune and neural axis pathways, with the potential to cause negative health effects. 

Almost all conventional products include "fragrance", and without realizing it, you could be exposed to many different chemicals that could harm your health. Even when it comes to "unscented" products - these still can contain chemicals to neutralize or mask odors of other ingredients. 

It is nearly impossible to remove all harmful chemicals from our lives, but being more intentional about what we choose to use on our skin, hair, and inside our home can help reduce our exposure and make a difference in our health (especially if you are someone who has allergies, asthma, autoimmune conditions and/or inflammatory skin conditions).

At LOOK Organics, we have chosen to not include "fragrance" or synthetic chemicals in any of our products.
It may seem overwhelming, but the more you know, the more power you have to make the best decisions for yourself and your health. You can start by simply reading labels, and being more curious about what is inside.​ Slowly start replacing your products and household items within your means and budget. 

And remember, you are doing the best you can!

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